Friday, August 16, 2019

Review : Kudu Cosmetica

Hi Beauties

Today I have another brand I can add to my LOCAL SERIES - a skincare brand called Kudu Cosmetica that I discovered and they were kind enough to send over two of their products from their range for me to try out. I received it last year soo I have been using it for some time now and its purely amazing and yay they 100% cruelty free and whenever possible they support locally and support small local businesses in Africa.


Here is some info on the following products they sent me and my thoughts below:

MASQUE - water activated facial mask that will purify , repair and relenish your skin.Deep Cleansing mineral rich clays work together with potent bio- active botanical extracts and natural anti-inflammatory agents.

You guys know how I love testing masks and I was even more excited because it was powder based and I haven't tried a mask like this before. I also could not believe how quick it dries and how clean and fresh ones face feels after like it stripped all impurities away. 

SQUALANE SERUM/OIL- helps skin retain natural moisture,improving texture and tone.

When applying this to my skin I instantly felt the softness. Normally I feel very hesitant about facial oils because I'm afraid it will make my skin oily or because I tried an oil (can't remember the brand) and it left my face feeling super oily and never tried it again , but the squalane oil gave me a different outlook in using facial oils and this one being the first part of my facial routine I think it definitely makes a difference to the skin especially in winter.I also love the fact of how light it feels on the skin and has no greasy feel once applied.

Final thoughts - I experienced no sensitivity and skin felt amazing. The products that were sent to me are pricey for those with a budget but I think is / will be worth every penny and yay for no harmful ingredients. I will most definitely be purchasing in the future. Thank you Kudu for GIFTING me with your products.

p.s ... I shared with mom and sister who has a different skin type and they absolutely love the products.
also super excited to try their cold-pressed oils which are at a very very affordable prices which also has great benefits for the skin soo you have no excuse to give this great brand a go  

Hope you enjoyed this review , if you do purchase please let me know your thoughts after using any of their products . I know I'm very keen to try some of their other products out.

You can check out their site for other amazing products and shop till you drop -  SHOP NOW - KUDU

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Thursday, July 4, 2019

Review : The Body Shop - Elderflower Unperfumed Cooling Eye Gel

Hi Lovelies

It's always good to be back hope you all well 😊today on the blog I have a review on a product that is a bit different - ELDERFLOWER Unperfumed Cooling Eye Gel by The Body Shop. 

As soon as I saw this on The Body Shop Instagram page I was immediately interested because I have this thing when I have a lack of sleep my eyes begin to strain and has that pulling one side feeling if you know what I'm trying to say. I also have dark circles soo when I don't get enough sleep it will literally show the next day along with some puffiness under the eye area. I was very keen to give it a try , went to the body shop and purchased it straight away.

After using it for some time now here are my thoughts : 
Firstly I love the moisture it adds to my eye area because I don't really use eye cream (which I should) and don't really put much product in the eye area I love that the product is for the under eye and gives it the moisture it needs. It definitely doesn't take away the dark circles but I do find that it gives the eye area a refreshing look especially for the puffiness part. I also like the gel texture because when my eyes were feeling tired and strained it gives that awakening boost with instant cooling and soothing. 

Why you should give this product a try:
  • Acts as a moisturizing gel. 
  • Soothes and refreshes skin around the eye.
  • Great for tired and puffy eyes.
  • Not sticky.
  • Non fragrant.
The Eye Gel retails for R100 and I would purchase again. I would say that the tub is a bit small and not sure if you would splurge but if you do have extra cash give it a try. 

Tip: Place container in the fridge for extra coolness.

Available at The Body Shop Stores. Hope you enjoyed this post and have a wonderful day.

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Images taken by myself

Friday, March 22, 2019

Review : LUX Even Tone Beauty Soap

Hi Beauties

Firstly thanks to RubyBox for sending over some soap for my friends and myself to try out.

My first impression when seeing the soap is the beautiful flower detail it has and was impressed by the whole design of the LUX EVEN TONE soap. I can't remember when last I used a lux bar soo I was super stoked when I got sent some to test and review.

What also caught my attention is that when applying the soap to my face there was no need to use my exfoliating face scrub because the soap acts as one too as it has tiny grains within the soap soo yay a cleanse , exfoliate and not forgetting that it has evening vitamin B3 to leave skin EVEN toned.
I also love the fact that it is lightly fragrant and find that it does not irritate my skin in any way as I do have sensitive skin. I also got the hint of cocoa butter immediately and can feel the smoothness once the soap is used , I honestly love it more because cocoa butter.

Why you should give the LUX Even Tone Beauty Soap a try:
  • Acts as an Exfoliator
  • Leave Skin smooth and fresh after each wash
  • Lightly Fragrant
  • Affordable
You can find these at many outlets such as clicks , dischem , shoprite at only R13.99 for 175g soap.
To find more reviews you can visit Rubybox 

If you have tried the soap let me know in the comments below or on social media . Thanks for reading till next time...

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Sunday, March 17, 2019

Review : LuluBee Skin-Health Products

Hi Beauties

I've decided to reach out to some brands to start an awesome series on my blog where I introduce awesome LOCAL Brands or brands that need to be discovered because they awesome. 

I came across Lulubee and saw they had skincare products, you know how I love trying out new skincare products and what immediately caught my attention was that they had a product for psoriasis, I will chat about this in a bit. I then reached out to Lulubee and they were kind enough to send me most of their products to test and review and I must say I love it otherwise I would not be blogging about it and bonus they not expensive at all yay!

Some info on the LuluBee Range
All their skin product formulations are 100% natural active ingredients made all from
Botanical plant-oils from freshly foraged plants , raw beeswax and Essential oils and this is what I love that it is all natural . Read more about the brand here .

Here are my thoughts below:


This product is legit the and the one that initially caught my attention because I saw it helps with eczema, I have psoriasis after applying the balm it leaves the dry patches nourished and eventually keeps the flakiness away. I give this particular product 10/10 as I loved it since the first use. It's basically a first aid in a jar (does that even make sense lol). It helps with everything it says on the site , it definitely helps with insect bites and takes the itch away instantly . I even got my family members to try it and they love it. It helps with soo many things such as cuts , colds and flu oh ladies its great for your heels of your feet , yup you know what that sandals does to them heels.


When I first applied this product I was like this is not going to work for me I found it to be very oily but then changed my mind because about 5min later I found the product to be soaked into the skin and also found it to be good for some dry areas on my face. I don't think I will suggest this product to those who have oily skin. I do think this product is a great transitional product from autumn to  winter or if you have very dry skin.


I love how conditioning this product is great for areas such as your elbows or knees. I love the fact that it has chamomile and soothing properties and is perfect to use when you come out of a lovely shower. The Body balm definitely goes by its name because the scent is just amazing.


There are two scents available in these lip balms lime and jasmin and mandarin and ylang ylang which are absolutely divine. Both these lip balms are super hydrating to the lips which is perfect for the winter season and especially to those who have dry dry lips, it has a oil which is high in vitamin C to repair damaged skin.


The Lulubee brand also stands by the ZERO WASTE POLICY which I totally agree on as I too came to the party to try to save our planet by Reduce , Reuse , Recycle and taking small steps to follow on the eco way. The Food wraps can be used to wrap your leftovers or your lunch and is washable which is perfect. Soo if you want to start natural food storage you should give it a goo its really cool.

To shop these LuluBee products - Shop LuluBee

After testing the products for a few months I must say I am very happy with what the brand has to offer. I especially love the DEVINE HEALER SALVE its my favorite from the products as it works for many things. In all I am happy with all the products and what it does to the skin. 

Thank you LuluBee for GIFTING me these products, I will sure be purchasing soon. Support Local and support small businesses it means the world trust me :) 

If you loving the LOCAL SERIES please let me know. 

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Saturday, February 16, 2019

Trend : Culottes

Hi Lovely Beauties

Lately I've been living in my culotte pants and my collection is kinda growing, they just too comfortable and I think I'm obsessed all over again.... let me give you a little back story going back to my childhood I remember owning a denim pair that I wore all the time I mean ALL the time with my ridiculous pink sneakers and colourful type jerseys haha... but as I got older I grew out of wide style  - palazzo , pajama pants as some call it and thought its not such a cool vibe and switched over to the SKINNY LEG , come on I know you did too. 

Anyway flash forward to 2018 the CULOTTE has become one of the most popular trends in my opinion seeing it at many fashion outlets and I must say I think it's here to stay throughout 2019 into our autumn/winter season back to spring/summer this year. 

Here is a look I wore to a wedding on how I styled my pleated culottes let me know what you think?

I'm excited to style my culotte pants for the upcoming autumn/winter season . If you would like a post on how to style culottes or just a general lookpost to see how else I styled it , let me know.

Are you a fan of the culotte trend? let me know in the comments below :)

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Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Hello 2019 - My Wish For You

Happy New Year my fellow followers 😊 .
I think by now everything is back into full swing of  'normal' and everybody is starting to settle into the new year and ready to tackle 2019. I cannot believe January is almost behind us shew!

In this post I thought it would be cute just to mention a few motivation pointers to start off the year instead of mentioning my resolutions , to be honest I'm one of those that never stick to my resolutions and decided that what I will be mentioning below will hopefully make you feel better because it helps me get through everyday and find myself more at peace in a way if you know what I mean.

My Wish For You Is To ...

  • Take on a hobby - Trust me when I say this , weather its baking , painting or whatever find time to do something you love, it's the most relaxing thing ,just to take a break of everyday life and do something you actually enjoy.
  • Declutter - Nothing makes my mind more crowded than a messy space it leaves me feeling all tangled up in my head space and irritated , therefore I love doing spring cleaning once a month but basically every time I see a space getting too much clutter and by tidying it up it immediately makes me feel better. Try it and let me know?
  • Help Someone - This always gives me an instant mood booster . Nothing can take away the joy you feel when you give someone something and to see that smile is priceless. Even if you should give a child a sweet , buy a loaf of bread each month and just give it to someone or donate some of your old clothing to charity trust me you will feel super great.
  • Find Me Time - Sometimes I forget this and feel that it is very important for yourself . You may not notice but you can forget about yourself with the hustle and bustle of life I'm I right ? give yourself a break and do something that makes you feel relaxed , watching youtube , series , reading a book and no need to feel guilty because you deserve some me time
  • Appreciate the small things/ Gratitude - We tend to let our problems get to us to an extent that we over worry that make us go crazy and gives us thoughts and make us think that we can't carry on the next day, do you agree? The thing that I planted in my head when I'm not having a good day is just to accept and appreciate the roof over my head , I have clean water to drink , I woke up healthy and I mean how lucky are we compared to someone else?
  • Be Happy - Life is short , try to find inner piece I know that this can be difficult but working on this everyday is a progress indeed and that's okay... to take small steps and make small changes you'll get there, I know we will . Our mental health is important and we need to take care of our mental state a happy mind is a happy life.
My last wish for you is that I hope you all have a prosperous and good year ahead. We don't know how our days might turn out but I know by my list above it makes me feel good and hope it will help you too when you feel you cannot conquer.


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(Picture taken by myself)

Saturday, December 15, 2018

#OOTD - How I Styled my Paper Bag Pants

Hello Beauties !

Omg its been months , yes I am alive and I miss this little space of mine. I don't know why but I just could not get myself to sit by the computer and write something , one moment I'm feeling inspired one minute totally uninspired. Does this happen to you too?

Anyway ... I've come back with a OOTD for ya'll yay I know you like them. In today's post I will be showing you how I styled my paper-bag pants.

Firstly I love how comfortable these pants are, comfy and versatile which I think you can dress up and down. In the look below I dressed for a wedding so I styled it with a pair of block heels (yup comfort yo girl ain't got time for that stilettos) along with a cute light weight top from poetry which i tucked in my pants along with the straw woven bag which I found on the flea market for R40 can you believe it? I then put my hair in a top knot with some cool handmade beaded earrings.

No clue what to style your paper-bag pants with? Here are some tips
  • Give some edge with a leather jacket.
  • A white shirt , this will make you look chic as ever.
  • Plain white tee and heels (plain but simple outgoing look agree?)
  • Add funky accessories to your look.

Please show me how you styled you paper-bag pants . If you loved my look let me know via social media or comment below would love to hear your thoughts. 

What I'm Wearing
Top : Poetry(old)
Pants : Foschini
Shoes : Shado
Bag : Market
Earrings : Gift
Sunglasses : Market

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photocred: KaysVisuals