Saturday, December 15, 2018

#OOTD - How I Styled my Paper Bag Pants

Hello Beauties !

Omg its been months , yes I am alive and I miss this little space of mine. I don't know why but I just could not get myself to sit by the computer and write something , one moment I'm feeling inspired one minute totally uninspired. Does this happen to you too?

Anyway ... I've come back with a OOTD for ya'll yay I know you like them. In today's post I will be showing you how I styled my paper-bag pants.

Firstly I love how comfortable these pants are, comfy and versatile which I think you can dress up and down. In the look below I dressed for a wedding so I styled it with a pair of block heels (yup comfort yo girl ain't got time for that stilettos) along with a cute light weight top from poetry which i tucked in my pants along with the straw woven bag which I found on the flea market for R40 can you believe it? I then put my hair in a top knot with some cool handmade beaded earrings.

No clue what to style your paper-bag pants with? Here are some tips
  • Give some edge with a leather jacket.
  • A white shirt , this will make you look chic as ever.
  • Plain white tee and heels (plain but simple outgoing look agree?)
  • Add funky accessories to your look.

Please show me how you styled you paper-bag pants . If you loved my look let me know via social media or comment below would love to hear your thoughts. 

What I'm Wearing
Top : Poetry(old)
Pants : Foschini
Shoes : Shado
Bag : Market
Earrings : Gift
Sunglasses : Market

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photocred: KaysVisuals

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

How To Style Your Red Boots

Hi Beauties

Styling red boots can be tricky for some and I don't think one will purchase it that easily, but when I saw this particular pair which was also available in very basic colours I don''t know what persuaded me to take the red. I was just drawn to it and thought to myself I can make it work.

Posting about Red Boots have been on my mind far too long , funny thing is.. it's super trendy this year and have spotted in several stores. I've had this pair 3 years and never wore it because I was a bit too skeptical to wear them and thought it would be the perfect time to turn this into a post and showcase how I wore my Red Booties.

In my look below I played it very safe in my opinion keeping it simple with a stripe tee (which you can never go wrong with) along a basic blue jean, a cap all in similar colour tone and earrings with a pop of red to tie the look together but also think I wanted to make the boots the centre of attention.


So if you a bit skeptical like I was start matching your boots with the items above before you match with prints or more bold clothing. I'm very keen to experiment matching my boots with more prints and other fashion pieces although red boots are super statement enough already I think it can create a fun look.

On the verge of buying some red boots? Here are a few fashion items you can pair with your red boots to get you started:
  • All denim 
  • White shirt/tee with jean
  • All Black  
but... if you are not scared of clashing colours and prints with your red boots go ahead because I think it will anyway bring your whole look together along with your great style. 

Did you like how I styled my Red Boots ? Let me know in the comment section below or comment on my social media posts or even tag me on twitter I would love to see.

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What I'm wearing:
Hat : Mr Price
Top : Edgars
Jean : Levis
Boots : China Town

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Sunday, July 22, 2018

Review : African Extracts Rooibos Classic Care Range

Hey Lovlies

Ladies I think I've come across a skin range that I absolutely LOVE! The African Extract Rooibos Classic Care Range.

Although I'm always trying new products out especially skincare I think this particular range will be one of my all time faves that I will always go back to and will be on my shopping list if I'm not testing other skincare products. I have received African Extract products as gift from a family member before and loved the brand and I was very keen to try the facial products. I was super excited when I walked into DisChem and found a gift set range for only R109 score! (Be sure to look out for deals like these especially if you not sure about the product and want to try it out or want to score and save a couple of bucks)

Below is a little breakdown and thoughts on the classic range

Deep Cleansing Wash- R62.99
  • Great for all skin types and ages.
  • Great face wash to take your make up off.
  • I love the fact that it has vitamin B5.

Toner- R62.99
  • Alcohol Free
  • Leaves skin feeling smooth and refreshed.    

Moisturizing Day Cream SPF 15 - R69.99
  • Has SPF 15
  • Vitamin E
  • I do think that it might be a bit to oily for some people 
I've been using the range for a couple of months now and I can definitely say that I am impressed and after many compliments about how radiant my skin looks this range is definatly a steal!

Why give this product a try:
  • Suitable for all skin types. 
  • Effective cleansing.
  • It's a good daily range to keep skin looking refreshed.
I've also recommended these products to my family members who have different skin problems such as rashes on their face and fine pimples and after using it, they loved the fact of how their skin improved using the products yay!

Let me know which of the African Ranges you tried and if it worked for you :)

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Picture taken by myself

Friday, July 13, 2018

Secretly Missing Summer

H E L L O my beauties

Is this really my first post for the year? I can't believe it and the fact that we past the half of the year already, I feel so guilty but you know sometimes life can get too busy .. I know I know I say this all the time whenever I'm on some break , no excuses but I want to try and create good content than for the sake of posting. 

Damn.... its been a while since I had time to sit and actually write something for you. After a few days of coldness the weekend past we were surprised by some wonderful sunshine and warmth and I must say I'm secretly missing summer although I do enjoy winter days.

Now into the next weekend I am still trying to finish off this post and thought it would be perfect because its a beautiful rainy Friday afternoon, everyone is in their own space and I thought its perfect to finish up this post that I've been trying to get up for the longest time ever.

These are a few pictures I took not to long back , basically the last days of summer , and thought it perfectly suits the idea of this post.

Also.. I am currently loving the EMBROIDERY TREND and trying to find pieces with awesome embroidery.


What is your favourite - Winter days or Summer Days? also what do you think of the embroidery trend? too much or loving it :)

What I'm wearing :
Jumper : Up To Date Closet
Bag : Practical Gifts
Sneakers : Adidas Stan Smith
Earrings : Chokers and Statements (Made by myself 😃)

I hope you missed me as I missed my little blogging space haha let me know and you can also keep up with me on Insta @nabeelahisaacs. Have a lovely weekend.

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Photo Cred : Follow my sister on Instagram (KaysVisuals)


Monday, September 25, 2017

Style Tips : Transition From Winter to Spring

I know some of you might find it difficult to put your spring wardrobe together after the winter season and because we not in full spring mode yet because the weather in Cape Town can be quite confusing.

Here are some pieces that I think will get you from Winter to Spring. 

Light Jerseys
Because its not completely spring and the chill in the air can become cold, it is good to have about three jerseys that are versatile to mix in your wardrobe.

As we slowly packing those boots away we slowly start bring out pumps as the days can get warmer. It's the perfect transitional piece because your feet is still semi covered.

I'm going crazy seeing all the beautiful sandals in stores at the moment from simple ones to bold ones , it's always nice to have a new sandal to kick off the summer season. 

Denim Jacket
I really did not make a mistake to get a denim jacket its become such a statement piece I'm wearing it all seasons #fact. I would say if you don't have one yet please girllll... do me a favour get yourself one and you will thank me (haha).

Stripe T-shirt/Sweater
I'm so happy that I stocked a few stripe sweaters now, for me stripes seem to add to the spring look and has made it rounds to the season over and over again, it is also a statement piece for the wardrobe which I think you can also wear all year round.

White Sneakers
Guys if you don't know me I cannot survive without white sneakers currently my All Stars are in a mess but luckly I have my Adidas to fill in which is btw very comfy , anyway if you not keen on wearing bold sneakers always opt for white because they are safe and go with anything.

Bold Jewelry 
There are sooo much trending jewelry pieces at the moment , I would say play around with different styles and see what style suits you best. I'm loving tassels at the moment.

About this look:
My look below is very simple and what I prefer and a very basic #OOTD , it was quit chilly although it seems like the sun is out and about. I,m totally love my witchery jersey I also received as a gift its not a heavy weight jersey paired along with my denim jean and jacket and sunnies obviously , soo this is my basic transitional outfit.


I did a similar post last year on other pieces I mentioned to get you from winter to spring (Click here).
I hope you enjoyed this post and I helped you in a way because i know it can be tricky to change up your wardrobe , feel free to comment below and let me know if you also find it tricky to change your wardrobe from winter to spring. 

What I'm Wearing
Jersey : Witchery
Jean: Levi
Bag : Market
Shoes : Adidas Stan Smith
Sunglasses : H&M

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Photo cred : Kauthar Isaacs follow her on instagram (@kaysvisuals)

Monday, September 11, 2017

Review : Sorbet Sleep Rescue Range

Hello Beauties 

Today on the blog I have some cool products by Sorbet that I received for my Birthday from my mom. I've been suffering from sleep for some time now and since using these products for about 4 months I can say is that it did help me through my restless nights.

My thoughts On the Sorbet Sleep Rescue Range

All the products below has a mix of aromatherapy oils to calm feelings of daily stress and make the the most of your body's overnight resting time.

Sleepy Bliss Pillow Spray:(R29,95)
This one is my favourite because just a few sprays one whiff leaving me feeling relaxed and ready for my good nights rest.

Drift Away Body Wash: (R43,95)
I love the aromatherapy when applying the body wash to the skin which gives you instant relaxation leaving you feel fresh after a lovely shower and what I love is that the gel is purple in colour.

Easy Does It Hand and Nail Cream: (R37,95)
So this is the one I keep in my bag daily,  whenever I'm feeling a bit anxious I would apply it to relax me in some way.

I really love the range and do think I will purchase it again because all the products above seem to calm me in my opinion and it's affordable. I don't know if it will work for all but it worth a try if you have some tension , feeling stressed or suffer from anxiety. Let me know what you think would love to hear your feedback.

Products can be purchased at clicks stores or clicks online.

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Image taken by myself

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Spontaneous Adventures and Winter Layers

Hello  😊

You might be thinking that my post Title might totally be off or not too fitting for my blog but hey sometimes spontaneous adventures can turn into a awesome photo shoot yaaassssss ! 

The initial plan for the day was to stalk the maze runner cast in town (gosh I'm such a fan of Dylan O'brien #fangirl alert #sorrynotsorry) since my sister had to be picked up from uni in Town I thought I'd take the chance. It was super cold , overcast and a bit of rain here and there but I was willing to take the chance of catching a glimpse of the set or simply hoping to bump into anyone one of the cast members (I'm that cray). 
Anyway I'm sure you don't want to hear me fan-girl all through this post soo... let me get to the point. 
Stalking mission totally FAILED ,  my sister then messaged me to bring the camera along and I did so, she then nagged dad to take us up to Signal Hill but eventually landed up at Devils Peak , Table Mountain. Yep ..we love those random adventures.

About this look:
My aim was to experiment with a layered look and I think it turned out to fit perfectly with the weather. I can't explain how obsessed I am with my Denim Jacket from The Fix I can pair it with most of my outfits because it tends to go with everything. I'm a huge fan of beanies in winter its one accessory that you will always see me rocking in the winter season. Lastly don't you love blanket scarves ? Ladies its defz a must have! if you don't have one please head on over to the shops and get you one you won't regret it so warm the bigger the better.



I hope you enjoyed this post. Do you love layering your clothing? Do you go by any rules when layering let me know in the comments below.

What I'm wearing:

Oversized denim Jacket : The Fix
Winter Scarf/ Beanie : Practical Gifts
Dress : Woolworths
Tights : PNP Clothing
Shoes : Adidas

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