Sunday, August 9, 2020

Review : Avene Thermal Spring Water

Hi Beauties,

Its been ages and this post has been sitting in my drafts so here it is, a product that I love that I really wanted to share! 

OMG ! let me just say that I have been dying to try this product forever since it launched I've been itching to test it because I only read great things about this brand.

So I've been using this since October last year, clicks had a sale and I had to take the opportunity and purchase because it was worth it. I got the 300 ml and can you believe its only finished now after using it like crazy I'm surprised its lasted so long.

The cool thing about this product is that it can be used for soo many things like:
  • Irritated skin
  • Sunburn
  • After Shaving
  • Facial Redness
  • Make-up removal
  • Skin irritations
  • After Exercising and even diaper rashes
How great is that this one product is like an all rounder! right? I love it
Super glad I had it for the Summer season I was literally using it everyday to cool off especially my mom she can't get enough of the spray and I've also been using it for my eczema which helped a lot it gave relief for all the itchiness. Every visitor we had we recommended the product like we were getting commission haha that's how great it is!

Avene will definitely be a products I will invest in , I am very keen to try the other products (I do have the face wash review coming soon). When I do see promotions I will purchase especially the Thermal Spring Water I see this being a permanent product for my skin/body for years come.
I rate this product 5/5

Have you used the Thermal Spring Water Before ? Do you love it and does it work for you ? I would love to know please comment below. Also which Avene products do you think I should try next?

You will find the Thermal Spring Water at Clicks and Dischem and their online stores.

Have a lovely day and thanks for reading I really appreciate it.

p.s If you you do decide to purchase let me know what you think and tag me on the socials :) #ShopWithTheFabDiary

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Monday, April 20, 2020

Review : Himalaya Blackhead Clearing Walnut Scrub

Hi Lovelies

I'm back with a review , a new exfoliator I've been trying out for some time now - Blackhead Clearing Walnut Scrub by Himalaya - is enriched with walnut granules and natural salicylic acid.

I don't think I put any products of Himalaya before on the blog but I have been using some during the years and I must say I am a fan of the brand.

If there is one thing I love reviewing its exfoliators/scrubs and you must know that by now. To me this exfoliator was different to the one I previously used before, it was the African Extracts exfoliator (which I love) but that was more gel like.

When I saw the the word blackhead I took it because my nose area has too many blackheads for my liking and I know many of you have blackheads too,  and I wanted to try another brand and introduce it to you especially if it's affordable and worth it.

Why give this product a try:
  • Removes blackheads
  • Gives your face a refreshing look 
  • Has natural Salicylic acid which loosens dead skin cells 
  • Unclogs pores
  • Help stimulate skin renewal 
I mainly bought this scrub for my nose and chin area as I find that those areas you can visibly see my black/white heads and after using it those areas it looked much cleaner and smoother. I will be purchasing this product again I give it a solid 5/5

You can purchase the Himalaya Walnut Scrub at .

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Wednesday, April 8, 2020

NETFLIX shows to binge watch during lockdown

Hi ,

By now I don't even think we know what day it is anymore because everyday feels like a Sunday right!?

Today on the blog I decided to compile a little Netflix list for you of my favorite series that I've been loving to watch and those I finished because it was that good.

1. Locke And Key
For all the supernatural lovers this series is honestly great in my opinion every episode was very intriguing you want to know what's next all the time , I enjoyed watching it with the fam we would then discuss our own scenarios to what is going to happen next. The series is about a family three siblings and their mother move into a house following their Father's Murder hoping for a new start not knowing the home is filled with magical keys... not going to say more you have to watch to find out.

2. Queen Of The South
Ohkay those who love action and oh am I glad this show is on Netflix because when I started watching it wasn't but now you can binge because I think it will be worth it. They only have 3 seasons but that's ohkay it will be enough for the lockdown period. Season 4 is currently out. I'm not an action type but I loved all the craziness in this particular series because it involves a lot of crime and suspense basically its about a women who is forced to run and seek refuge in America , if you love stories with drug trafficking this one is for you.

3. Stranger Things
What a great show let me start by saying that! I love everything about it especially all the mystery that happens in the series from secret government experiments to a lot supernatural forces happening. The show starts off with a boy going missing and a strange girl that has magical powers eventually as the seasons goo on they become friends trying to unfold what is really going on in their little town. Supernatural and Mystery the best ever.

4. Good Girls
Good girls is a fun filled comedy drama about two sisters and their best friend who become caught up in desperate circumstances and they decide to rob a supermarket because of their financial burdens  which leads them onto a whole different path , they get pulled deeper and deeper into the situation..I want to say more but you have to watch you will tell me again! I love that every episode is catchy and filled with action and drama

5. On My Block
Looking for a good laugh with some drama then this is a great series for you. This series is about Savvy Teen friends that are in High School trying to figure out life from trying to get their friend out of a gang , making decisions and more , all these events will surely test their friendship. If you wan't to know more you gotta watch I know this will give you lots of laughs.

Time to Netflix and Chill hope you enjoy and let me know how you find the series and which is your fav and also what you are currently watching.

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Saturday, April 4, 2020

COVID-19 Lockdown

Hi Everyone 

Soo we on day 9/21 of lockdown here in South Africa. It seems like 2020 already seems to be at a standstill and I don't think that anybody expected this Coronavirus to take over life and nevertheless the whole world! It's crazy to think that everybody is experiencing this together and not just a part of the world.

Here in South Africa we are super lucky that its not as bad as in other countries such as Italy or Spain where death is about 900 daily or in the US where the number of cases are growing rapidly daily. If you reading this from another country where it is extreme I hope you safe and taking all the necessary precautions, practicing good social distance or basically for your own good STAYING at HOME.

I know this might be a very very hard time for some as you  had things planned, exciting things happening for your business, at work and especially those that is always on the goo to make things happen BUT you  know what it's maybe the chance to slow down a bit.. Do something you always pushed aside like :

  • reading your books
  • spending time with your kids/spouse/family
  • practice that dish you always wanted to try 
  • or maybe just to relax and reflect   
To recover from this pandemic is going to be a challenge for everyone and think that this is going to be the NEW NORMAL for a very long time, hopefully not god willing but just sending some love to the small businesses going through this difficult time and to those suffering some financial strain or any situation that is tough that I have not mention but WE CAN DO THIS ! and we WILL get through this together as long as we listening and doing our part this will soon blow over.  

Please comment(I would appreciate it) below where in the world you are and is your country currently on lockdown? What are you doing with your extra free time and what is the first thing you dreaming of doing when this is all over , I would love to know.

Meanwhile please stay safe everyone during this crazy time.


Stay Fabulous

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Thursday, March 19, 2020

Review : ZERO BAR Shampoo Bar

Hello Beauties

I have an exciting product that I would like to introduce to you , something that is great for my travel peeps , those who like to pack light and most importantly those who are conscious on helping the environment and another plus is that is produced in South Africa made with locally sourced ingredients yay!

Let me introduce to you ZERO BAR - a shampoo bar that is water free , plastic free and cruelty free, how awesome is that?!


My First Impression about the Zero Bar - Wow its cool , something new so I was obviously 100% interested in what the product can do, the only doubt I had was, can this actually work for my hair as its super long and my concern was will it feel fresh and clean , will a bar be able to wash my long locks and will it actually work like a shampoo? mmm...

well what I can say is that after using the Zero Bar I am impressed. Let me tell you a bit about the bars , you get 4 bars  :

Argan :  The argan bar contains a higher percentage of argan oil compared to the rest of the bars. The bar is jammed packed with nutrients which moisturize your hair as a whole and great for those with scalp issues such as dandruff.

Jojoba : The jojoba is enhanced with the moisturizing and has scent of jojoba oil.

Moringa : The Moringa bar is for strengthening of the hair and helps rejuvenate tired and healthy hair and great for split ends and has a good dose of moringa oil.

Desert Melon : The desert melon bar is packed with vitamins and anti-oxidants perfect to condition the hair without leaving it with a greasy residue.

Final thoughts :
I've only used two thus far the Argan and Jojoba (yes its lasts that long how great is that !)

I love it ! My favorite is definitely the Argan bar the scent reminds me of a perfume and it leaves my hair looking fresh , healthy and good and I always get compliments after I washed it.

I'm currently using the Jojoba but it feels like its making my hair a bit too oily , soo I would say this bar is maybe great for those that feel their hair is a bit dry and need some moisture.

I haven't had the chance to try the Moringa and Dersert melon yet but I'm sure the Moringa would work great for my split ends and the desert melon would be great for when my hair is oily.

I would definitely purchase again because I think it would work great when travelling no need to carry those big bottle shampoo and you get more washes out it , up to 55 to 70 washed. Let me tell you I've been using it and my family and its lasts trust me!

the only thing that I think might get to people is that the bar might get soggy so my tips is.. don't leave it in a area where its damp or whet put it directly in a container or back in the box after you use it. I see they recently introduced the ZERO BAR aluminium bar saver for only R60 how great is that , I have to get me one ! oh and another four new BAR Bro's joining the family !

All Shampoo bars going for R75 each

Shop Zero Bar :
Follow them on Instagram :


Yay! another one added to the LOCAL SERIES if you want to see my other posts on local brands type in the search box on my blog LOCAL SERIES and the posts should pop up. Also please come back to me if you have purchased and game it a try I would love to hear your thoughts. Comment below if you used a shampoo bar before.

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Monday, March 2, 2020

Hello 2020 - Just Checking In

Hi ,

HAPPY NEW YEAR! ooops a bit to late for that heyy ...
How are you my lovely online friends? Yes its been a minute and we already heading into the third month of 2020 how is it even March again?! Please tell me.

I hope all is well firstly and if I have some new people that came across my blog WELCOME and I hope you like this little space of mine.

For some these two months have been a drag for others it went too quick. Soo because I'm not one for resolutions as mentioned before is because I feel I cannot stick to it and feel a huge disappointment when looking back BUT what I do like to do is have a diary(I've been doing since forever) which keeps me focused on my day to day TO DO's even if its me writing down drink a glass of water , it makes me feel some sort of accomplishment - silly I know but it makes me feel great! , even little reminders like check emails - it keeps me focused and makes me feel that I have some organisation in my life.

I don't have much exciting to say but I hope my little tip on what helps me get a bit focused will help you too. Also here is my post from last year My Wish For You that might give you ideas to feel a bit motivated if you not.

I just thought I would pop in to say HI and hope the first two Months of 2020 went well for you, if not that's ohkay...I know things will get better for you 😊

Please comment below on how your 2020 is going thus far what is your expectations , do you follow resolutions or have you given up already ? and also are you a person that love to have a diary, bullet journal or note book to keep you on track I would love to know.

You can also let me know on: 
Twitter . Facebook . Instagram

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Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Review : Sorbet Body Spritzers

Hi Beauties 

I discovered something cool from Sorbet Ranges- the Body Spritzers. I don't know if it's new to Sorbet ranges but it immediately caught my attention and because the packaging looked super interesting and I never tried a body spritzer before.

Anyway... I picked up In Full Bloom and Ocean Mist spritzers and I must say I am totally impressed and think its perfect to use when coming out of the shower or bath giving you that extra freshness. I also think that this is an item that should be added to your beach bag because after that swim in the ocean or sitting whole day at the beach it can be applied or if you decide to grab a coffee with friends or get a spontaneous ice cream , just spritz a few and you good to goo ..

In Full Bloom (100ml) - is the perfect scent for spring and for all those ladies who wants to make a bold statement and is also great to welcome the new seasons with its vibrant floral scents. I love how rich and bold it smell once sprayed on the body.

Ocean Mist (100ml) - is the perfect scent for all those beach babes or for those who love the ocean. This scent screams hellloooo summer giving you an instant airy scent and everything sea-scented once applied to the body.

Why you should give the Sorbet Spritzers a try:
  • Super affordable 
  • Can be used from AM - PM
  • Leaves you feeling fresh
  • Available in great scents
I'm yet to try the other Spritzers available I think there is about 5 different scents but think i made the perfect first choice super happy and will definitely be purchasing again #YAYforBudgetFriendly.

Available at Clicks or Clicks online stores at only R39.99

Have you used any Body Spritzers before , please let me know below. I have my eye on a recently launched one too from another brand soo keep posted for a review. 

Stay Fabulous