Thursday, December 8, 2016

Summer Trends

Hi Lovelies. feels good to be sitting behind the PC again just blogging because I have some free time , which is very rare these days because I'm constantly just caught up with day to day things, I hardly have time to sit and blog (sigh).

Anyway since I'm here I figured I compile a little What's Trending This Summer collage of what is in store at the moment and what I think is the HOT items for the summer season.

1. Earrings - H&M R149
These tassel earrings seem to be super popular lately , I've seen many bloggers and fashionistas rocking it. These earrings are a great statement to add to an outfit. I'm really contemplating on getting me a pair.

2. Sunglasses - Miss Maxi R229 (Can be purchased on Zando)
Im loving reflective lenses it updates your look instantly and gosh you guys know how much I love my sunglasses, I really need to start collecting them without one going missing or breaking before purchasing the next pair. You will find a range of colours available at most stores, girrl you gotta get you a pair you will not be sorry trust me.

3. Dress - Mr Price R159.99
The cold shoulder , bare shoulder trend is definatly the summer trend and this dress from Mr Price is soo cute I'm thinking of purchasing it myself. If you see yourself rocking this trend there are a variety of stores that you can spot bare shoulder tops/dresses.

4. Bag - Mr Price R159.99
Ok the bag may not be a trend but the colour Rose Gold and Mettallic feel is surely making a statement in fashion from jackets , sandals , jewls you name it, own anything in rose gold or mettallic you winning. I think this bag is actually cool for packing your belongings in for a day out.

5. Colourful necklaces and chokers
I'm really loving the jewellry this season soo many colours and funky designs and the brighter the better. Then... the choker trend which has been even bigger than before in my opinion and is not going anywhere soon , we did see it in winter but the trend is still going strong and think it will surely stick around for all seasons to come.

6. Shoes - Espadril R599
I NEED!!!! Ladies don't you think these shoes are amazing ? I really want to purchase every design from ESPADRIL each pair is hand made how awesome? I need to save ASAP I hope I own a pair soon. I see many stores stocking all kinds of espadrilles soo have a look around there are some affordable ones out there because the are super trendy this summer.

7. Shorts - Mr Price R159.99
Im really loving the lace detail that is being incorporated into clothing pieces lately I think it gives summer a fresh look. The boho trend seems to be dominating fashion lately I'm loving it.

There you have it my top trending pieces for the summer and where you can find them. What trends are you loving this summer?? :)

Stay Fabulous 

Monday, October 3, 2016

Review : Essence Soft Touch Mousse and Essence Camouflage Cream Concealer

Hey Beauties

 I have a beauty post up , all about the Essence Soft Touch Mousse and Essence Camouflage Concealer. I'm always on the look out for some affordable cover ups because I'm one that don't usually wear foundations/mousses everyday but like a good cover up now and then.

Essence Soft Touch Mousse - 02 Matt Beige 

I love the fact that the coverage of the mousse is good enough to last a couple of hours and for the price I think it's actually worth it . I took the shade 02 matt beige for myself as I'm fair in complexion. I'm already on my second tub soo... yup I'm happy with the product. 
I would like to buy the darker shades to experiment with some contouring. (Retails for +/- R64)

Essence Camouflage Cream Concealer 

I think this will probably be one of my favourite concealers because before applying the mousse I take a small brush and cover all my marks and under -eye area (cough cough you know them dark circles). I must say I do actually love a liquid concealer but this one does what it suppose to do and happy with the outcome once applied. (Retails for +/- R54.00)

If you a beginner at make-up like me or just looking for products to give you a basic look and looking for affordable cover up make up to experiment with then I say go ahead and purchase these from Essence and let me know what your thoughts are.

These products can be found at Clicks , DisChem and PnP stores

I hope you loved this review short and sweet and thanks for reading. 

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Monday, September 26, 2016

#OOTD Tan Overload

Hello .... is it Monday already?? Damn where did the weekend goo!

Anyway...I ended the weekend off with a lovely afternoon stroll on the beach with the family.

About my Look: 

Soo I've been thinking and my tan shoes from Foschini is going to be a huge part of my summer wardrobe and have a feeling I'll probably be pairing it with everything besides my white sneakers that will always make an appearance. What I'm actually saying is that if you don't have a pair of tan shoes/sandals girrrrl you gotta get a pair asap. I also think I will be stocking up a lot of white tops , I see many pretty lace tops in store at the moment I need to get my hands on one. If you a girl like me that can sometimes be very lazy to to chop and change bags or accessories daily then stick to tans , black or neutrals as I did with my bag , sunnies and cap then you good to goo and can pair it with almost all your outfits. I'm also on the search for a good denim jean any suggestions?as I desperately need one because I basically took this one from my sister before she put it in the throw out pile, but I love it because I like the fit (the struggle to find a jean that fit me properly)

I then went online browsing again and thought I'd re-create my look and gathered items similar to my #OOTD look to help you get your basics for spring/summer.  

1. Sunglasses - Mr Price R59.99
2. Lace Top - Mr Price R89.99
3. Shoulder Bag - H&M R229
4. Straw Hat -H&M R249 (could not find a cap similar to mine but you will find at cotton on ...but on     the bright side a straw hat would look perfect too)
5. Denims - Foschini R550 
6. Tan Sandal - Poetry R799

I hope you enjoyed this post , thanks for reading and have a great Monday.

Stay Fabulous 

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Pop Of Spring

Hey lovelies 

Cape Town is slowly showing signs of warmer weather but Sunday was just lovely, it was all sunshine in the Mother City and the day could not be wasted at home. It was a well spent afternoon having late lunch with the family in Hout Bay catching up and enjoying the scenery.

I'm so excited for the upcoming season as we see lots of lighter colour clothing in stores that just scream spring/summer which is super exciting. I seriously need a shopping spree, I'm already eyeing so many items in store from quirky shoes to beautiful dresses.

Having trouble transitioning from winter to spring? Here are some must haves just to get you started:
  • White Jean
  • Versitile Sandle / Shoe or Sneaker 
  • White Shirt 
  • Maxi Dress
  • Sunglasses
then... obviously there are the trending items such as the off the shoulder tops , pajama like pants with the funky patterns which you can buy in between if its your style or if you have a little extra cash to splurge.

In my look below I'm wearing my super comfy white jegging , a white top and layered it with a super lightweight peach jersey paired with my new favourite tan sandle (did you notice? I'm not wearing sneakers lol) and a backpack to complete the look along with a bold statement to break the outfit a bit and duuhh cannot leave those sunnies behind. It was refreshing dressing in lighter colours and weird wearing sandles after a long long time...yay! bring on those summer days. 

Hope you enjoyed this post , thanks for reading and Have a lovely Tuesday :) 

What I'm Wearing 
Jersey : Woolworths
Jegging : PNP Clothing
Shoes : Foschini
Bag : The Fix
Sunnies : Edgars
White Top : Practical Gifts (old)

Stay Fabulous 

Photo Credit : Thanks to my awesome sister for capturing my photos show some love and follow her Instagram account Kaysvisuals

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Current Skincare Products

Hi Beauties

I absolutely love reviewing skincare products I don't know why its just super interesting. In today's post I share all my current facial products I'm using at the moment.  

1. Drops of Youth Sleeping Mask by The Body Shop
Something different from my usual masks because this you can apply before you sleep and wash off in the morning. Its a jelly like substance and feels slimy but makes your face look much better in the AM. We all need that youth glow lol.

2. Clear complexion Blemish Clear by Almay
Helps eliminate blemishes.

3. Micellar Water by Garnier
Really impressed with this make-up remover takes off everything instantly, read more (click here).

4. Oatmeal Scrub by Yardley
I use this twice a week I really love it, read more (click here).

5. Vitamin C Energising Face Spritz by The Body Shop
I've been using this product for a while now and I think it’s one product that I must always have its easy to use, give one spritz to your face and you will look refreshed and what I love is  that it has vitamin C in it.

6. Black Head Clearing Mask by Avon
Really loving my current mask which I put on weekly it really helps with my blackheads, it’s a really good mask if you looking for a deep cleanser for your face.

7. Eyewise intense hydration firming and plumping cream by Almay
This eye cream in my opinion makes my eye area look more firm which I love.

8. Tissue Oil by African Extract Rooibos
I love using this tissue oil on my face and body as it helps to reduce scars and keep my dry skin nourished.

Please let me know if you used any of these products and if it worked for you :)

oh.. and  Happy 3 years to The Fabulosity Diary

Stay Fabulous 

Friday, September 2, 2016

Comfort First

Hey Lovelies

You must be glad that the week is over yay!
My look I'm sharing is typically me , this is the way I like to dress other than normal basic blue jean and tee but this is probably how you would see me if you spot me. If you have not noticed in my instagram OOTD's or outfit posts you would probably always see me in my white converse , I won't lie I literally LIVE in them and wear them with like everrrythaaang!
I then paired it with the cutest jersey from cotton on along with the most awesome jegging from PNP clothing (I need all the colours asap , so far I only have two), for accessories well, just a little gold chain and sunnies for the perfect chilled weekend look. Don't get me wrong I like dressing up with heels and what not once in awhile I guess I'm just set in my go-2 look and trying to find ways to add character to my outfit.

For those of you that like the chilled look like myself and feel like you look dull and style is monotonous here are some tips to boost your outfit: 
  • Add a funky knit or jersey with a different pattern this will sure change your outfit game.
  • Throw on a blazer with that tee , jean and sneakers it will make you feel smart and comfortable at the same time. 
  • Add a cute ankle boot and make that the statement while the rest of your outfit is plain.
  • Add Accessories to your outfit you will be amazed what this can do.
  • Add a pretty bold scarf or hat. 
My point is you can look stylish and be comfortable at the same time , you do not need those heels to make you feel good all the time :)

btw whatever you wear OWN IT because its YOU.

I must say my chilled looks are definitely my comfort zone because I rather be comfortable then awkward. To those rocking those bows, scarves , heels , sequined jackets , bold accessories you go girrrl !

I hope you enjoyed this post , feel free to pop me an email at if you want me to cover any styling tips or how I would style a certain item.

What I'm Wearing:
Jersey : Cotton On
Pants : PNP Clothing
Shoes : Converse
Sunglasses : H&M
Chain : Practical Gifts

What piece of clothing makes you feel comfortable ?? let me know on social media :)
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Have a fantastic weekend.

Stay Fabulous 

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Review : Yardley Oatmeal Exfoliating Scrub

Hey Beauties

I'm totally a lover of testing exfoliators I might be obsessed hehe... if you have been reading my blog for a while I'm sure you came across my reviews on other exfoliators. The exfoliator I'm currently using is from the Yardley Oatmeal range and I must say I'm impressed.

Why you should give it a try:
  • face seems more refreshed once exfoliator was used.
  • soap free.
  • takes away impurities. 
  • scars seem to fade after a few uses.
I must say that the grains of the exfoliator is much more grainy than my other exfoliators but no sign of sensitivity which is great. I also forced my siblings to use the scrub and they've been using it ever since and the results was amazing as their skin had more scaring than mine and I could see a difference too once they used it. 

oh..and just to let you know when I used the scrub I did not purchase the toner and moisturizer from the range(as I'm finishing off my other products which I'm using along with the scrub) to use along with it but nevertheless I'm still happy with the results and I'm going to try and purchase the rest of the products.

You can find the scrub at Clicks, Edgars, PNP and selected pharmacies and only retails for R79.95 

Hope you enjoyed this post, my current facial/skin products in a post soon, till next time ...

Stay Fabulous 

(image taken by myself)