Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Trend : BOHO Marks

Its been the most HOT fashionable item recently and its going to remain so for the rest of the summer.

I like the fact that these 'Temporary tattoos' as they call it lasts about 4-7 days or so depending on how you maintain it. I think its fun and quirky because it comes in funky patterns that are silver and gold in colour and I see that it comes in a combination of blue and silver too which is different from the normal dull looking tattoos and the metallic factor just makes it more outstanding.

I haven't got my hands on these cool looking tattoos but by the looks of it everybody wants to get them and by the reviews I have read its certainly a summer MUST HAVE.

Would you wear these temporary tattoos? If so you can tweet me some pics @thefabdiary if you have your hands on them already.

LULU DK 2015 Tattoos 'Blue Lagoon' | The Orchid Boutique

Gold Temporary Tattoo

Zahra Flash Tattoo Package

I have come across a page on Facebook they are a South African Distributor selling these temporary tattoos visit their page - BOHO MARKS FACEBOOK PAGE.

MR Price are also stocking these for ONLY R29.99 defz a bargain.

I do not take any credit for the images used in this post.

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Monday, December 8, 2014

Beauty : The Perfect Summer Hair Gadget

Ladies... always fighting with those tangles in your hair?? Well I have one super awesome gadget, well actually a brush that I recommend every girl should own. I'm sure you must have seen it at a salon when you last got your hair done well..
Its a plastic type brush , round that goes into the palm of your hands giving you a better grip when brushing out your hair. This brush is so effective getting tangles out quickly once your hair has just been washed. It has been on the market for a long long time I guess, not sure but anyway I love it and thought I'd share my thoughts on it.

Why get one:

  • Perfect for those beach days after that refreshing swim and your hair looks all nasty you can comb it all out so that it can dry with no knots at all.
  • Small and compact for your bag. 
  • Works perfect on tangled or dried hair.
  • Especially if your hair is long like mine ,I find it better to use than a normal brush.

I absolutely love this brush,Have you used one before ?? what are your thoughts

If you interested you can send me an email (While stocks last).It should also be available at your nearest salon.

Thanks for reading.

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