Saturday, November 30, 2013

Update Your Look And Add A BOW To Your Hair

They are CUTE ,STYLISH, and oh so FEMININE but yet so PLAYFUL at the same time. Ever wanted to add some difference to your daily look without effort or give your outfit some cuteness? SIMPLY ADD A BOW.

I think I might have come down with some bow fever , every bow I see I just want to purchase it, weather it being sparkly,big or small I cannot resist lol. So far I have this cute pink bow clip and blue dotted print headband with a semi huge bow on the side and they are pretty adorable.

I have decided to show you, my lovely readers how awesome these bow accessories can look in your hair.

This will definitely give your outfit that playful look, add a cute bow to your air dried hair or whatever style it will surely be a statement towards your outfit.

Headbands are one of the best things invented, don't feel for your fringe or hair all up in your face? these perfect bow type headbands will leave you looking as stylish as ever.

tip: feeling that your outfit is looking too simple , add a colourful bow it will sure get you some compliments hehe.

pSssst.. the BIGGER the BETTER #winkwink
(ok, but not that huge that it looks like you going to some fancy dress party lol)

Keep it CUTE and SIMPLE

Hope you enjoyed reading this post ,till next time..

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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Review : Batiste Dry Shampoo

Hair feeling a bit GREASY? , looking DULL? or just that LIFELESS?
Well I have a solution for you :) 

I got my hands on Batiste Dry Shampoo , perfect for times when you have that rushed kinda day and have no time for your hair.
I find this product very convenient as my hair get oily at the roots just after the day I have washed it, because I wash my hair every second day I think this product is perfect for in-between washes. 

Why Give this product a try:
  • leaves your hair looking fresh.
  • it absorbs the dirt (especially those oily roots).
  • smells really great (various fragrances available).
  • quick fix if you have no time for your hair.
  • affordable , under R100

How to use:
This product is so easy to use, just keep it 30cm away from your head and spray, afterwards you just take a brush and brush the product though or massage through scalp and boom you have fresh hair and roots. 

How cute is the mini bottle ? cute hey, perfect to fit in your handbag and traveling purposes.
(50ml @ R37, also available in different fragrances)

Available in more fragrances. 200ml @R70
You can find this Batiste Dry Shampoo exclusive to Clicks stores.

Feeling a bit lazy to wash your hair? That's ok just use some DRY SHAMPOO(And don't be that lazy to wash your hair now hehe.)

Tip: Before buying the bigger bottle buy the mini bottle and see if it works for you.

Stay Fabulous 
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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Yes, it's Movember

I was always curious to know what this hype of MOvember was between the boys ... I mean MEN, sorry lol. What I picked up in my understanding of this Movember was just the growing of the STACHE for the whole November, therefore MUSTACHE + NOVEMBER = MOVEMBER.
I did some research and what it actually means now is to show awareness of prostrate cancer among men(I did not know this at all,interesting fact right?), since wearing pink in October to support all woman with cancer.

but what I really wanted to know was HOW did this trend "#STACHEtrend" become so popular on clothing ,mugs ,jewelry and so many other many merchandise. Apparently it originated from hipsters as a way to mock conventional ideals of fashion and style, also from the Fingerstache which was used by woman who made a faux stache on the index finger to mix in with the trend. So my guess is that this #STACHEtrend found its way to go mainstream only leaving this quirky simple drawn mustache to become so popular in the fashion industry.

Go on and get your quirky mustache items :) .

This was a little gift I received from Mom.

Stay Fabulous

Friday, November 1, 2013

Bedazzle Your Outfit With A STATEMENT Neck Piece

The STATEMENT NECK PIECE has been in the lime light for some time now, or rather a trend for that matter.

Personally, I was not drawn to these statement necklaces to be honest. My thought on some of these bold showstopping neck pieces was that maybe it was to bold for my personality, as I am very simple LOL.
As time went by, I grew to like these bold popping statement pieces as I acknowledged how it can simply jazz up an outfit.


  • Firstly keep your outfit very simple on top so you neck piece can be the showstopper.(We don't want to hide this beautiful piece do we ?)
  • Wear simple jewelry such as your earrings ect. so that it does not look like you over doing  if you want your neck piece to actually enhance your outfit.
  • Style your hair up leaving the neck piece to give more effect to the outfit , but its up to you leaving it down will be fine too.
  • Pay attention to the necklines of your top or dress.
  • Don't be afraid to go for the bold colours.

Here are some awesome statement necklaces I found on the MR PRICE online store click here to see more beautiful statements at an affordable price.

 Plate Statement - R69.99

Cluster Bead Statement - R69.99

Twisted Bead Statement - R89.99

Here is a guideline that can help you pair you statement piece or necklace with a specific neckline that you are wearing. :)

My Personal favorite way to wear this statement necklace is with a shirt .

You can purchase/order these pieces below simply by contacting me via the contact form or @ (Note that all stock is limited).

R70 each.

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